Ukrainian local media aid and rebuilding fund supported by the world's leading media organizations

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The Fund was launched in solidarity with the journalists and photographers reporting every day from the frontlines in Ukraine. Its main goal is to mobilize international support - both financial and material - for local media outlets in Ukraine.

Oksana Brovko - CEO at Association
of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine


Ukrainian Media Fund


The Project was created and is financially supported by the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation along with partnering organizations from media companies in Nordic countries: Bonnier News, Swedish Media Publishers’ Association, Association of Danish Media (Dagspressens Fond / Danske Medier), Finnish Media Federation, News Media Finland, and Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association.


How does the fund support Ukrainian journalists?

First and foremost, we are focusing on providing financial support to Ukrainian media outlets. Due to the ongoing brutal Russian invasion, Ukrainian companies have drastically reduced their media advertising budgets. Ukrainians are fighting for their lives and fleeing their homes, and the wartime economy is organized around the provision of basic goods and supporting the military.

As a result, the business model of Ukrainian media collapsed entirely. They can hardly count on any income, which makes it exceedingly difficult to cover their expenses, including paying their journalists. Journalists are therefore deprived of means of living. To help redress this situation, our Fund offers to cover their salaries. In addition, we help organize relocation of media representatives and their families to other European countries.

The Fund also provides material support. We organize shipments of special bulletproof vests for journalists operating in war zones, as well as helmets, goggles, first aid kits, and other equipment requested by journalists who are on the ground.

Last but not least, the Fund aims to provide long-term financing and infrastructure for the purpose of rebuilding Ukrainian media in the aftermath of war.

About the Fund

For the rebuilding phase of the program, we plan to offer fellowships at Scandinavian and Polish media. Their goal will be to provide Ukrainian journalists and editors with an opportunity to work and exchange knowledge with their Polish and Scandinavian counterparts and form networks for future collaboration. We will support up to 12 media outlets in four regions of Ukraine to help them get back on their feet. We intend to provide trauma therapy sessions for Ukrainian journalists and editors to assist with their recovery.

Areas of help
Joanna Krawczyk - President of the Board, Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation



that the local media outlets in Ukraine, especially in war zones, have sufficient operational budgets to continue with their work



journalists with protective and communication gear



cooperation between Ukrainian and other European media



long-term financing and infrastructure for the purpose of rebuilding Ukrainian media in the aftermath of war


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the network

We decided to focus on regional and local outlets to ensure that our help goes where other significant media assistance organizations might not get involved. To achieve this goal, we are working together with a number of Ukrainian associations that bring together local and regional media outlets. We are distributing Funds and equipment directly to:


Ukrainian Media Fund

Supporters of
The Fund

The Fund has so far received support from the following European media and cultural organizations: European Cultural Foundation, Swedish television T4, Sanoma Media Finland, A-lehdet Oy and HSS Media from Finland, Norwegian media groups: Polaris and NHST and TV2. Alongside Berlingske Media, National Union of Journalists in the UK, Axel Johnson, JP Politikens Hus, TELIA COMPANY AB and Swedish Stiftelsen Skelleftepress. Many other institutional and individual Donors joined our cause as well.




and testimonials

The photographers and journalists who are on the front lines are receiving protection gear, first aid kits, and electronic equipment from the Fund.

Areas of need targeted by the Fund
  • Purchase of equipment for remote work: laptops, telephones, power banks and payment for mobile internet
  • Protective equipment (body armor, helmets)
  • Financial support for journalists working in the war zone
  • When necessary - the cost of relocation of editorial offices and journalists
  • Co-working spaces for journalists
  • Purchasing equipment for local newsrooms for multimedia work
  • Creating new or upgrading existing editorial sites

Regional and local Ukrainian media selected by AIRPU, UMBA and NUJU:

  • National Union of Journalists of Ukraine: Obozrevatel, Glavcom, National TV channel Ukraine, National TV channel Inter, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform, News services Visti, Radio Maximum, Media agency ARI, KyivVlada, Procherk, Nashe slovo, Vpered, Priazovskiy rabochiy, Vilʹnyy holos, Visnyk, Skvyrshchyny, Trybuna pratsi, Politicus Vulgaris, Obriyi Izyumshchyny, Dvurichansʹkyy kray, Novyy denʹ, Popasnyansʹkyy visnyk, Rubezhansʹkyy visnyk, TAK TV, Chornomorsʹki novyny, Tyzhdenʹ, Holos Posullya, Volynsʹka hazeta, Novyy denʹ, Polohivsʹki Visti
  • Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine: Chernigiv Media Grup, Osskaya zhizhn,,,,, Mih/ MIG, Rayonka, Ye!, Vsim, Media Group Gorod, Molodyi Bukovynets
  • Ukrainian Media Business Association: Golos Gromady, Karachun, Kreminchina, Popasnianskyi visnyk, Prapor peremogy, Rodnoi Gorod, Silska novyna, Trybuna trudiashchykh, Visnyk Starobilschyny, Visti Barvinkivshchyny, YA TV, UMBA, Zaporiz'ka Pravda, Vpered, Gorodotskyi press tsentr, Yampil press tsentr, Visti, Zlatokrai, Chutivskyi krai
  • Institute of Mass Communication
  • Lviv Media Forum


Ukrainian Media Fund

Support the Fund

The initiator of the Fund, the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation, is registered in Poland as a nonprofit organization, which therefore allows the donations to be tax-exempt.

    For any further information, please contact Joanna Krawczyk, the President of the Board of Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation.

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